Parochial Church Councils (PCCs)


Within the benefice, there are five PCCs though two of them have a complex and confusing history.

Willersey with Saintbury PCC represents both former parishes, as of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting of 2011. It seeks to foster close relationships with the local Methodist Church (with services shared on seven occasions throughout the year) and also to encourage strong links between the church and wider village communities.

Weston-sub-Edge and Aston-sub-Edge For the last 79 years, the two 'Sub-Edge' villages have, legally, been part of one united ecclesiastical parish, with St Lawrence, Weston-sub-Edge as the parish church. However, by about 1950, the United Parish had ceased to function as such. As a result, around 60 years ago the Bishop and Archdeacon indicated their agreement that the two villages should to most extents and purposes behave as though they were separate parishes, each having their own wardens and PCCs. Which is how it presently continues! Though, legally, they are 'all-of-a-piece'.

The PCCs meet approximately bi-monthly and endeavour regularly to focus on ways of reaching out to (and drawing in) members of the wider community. The PCCs have all met their commitment in recent years to pay the Parish Share in full.

The Benefice Council About four times a year, representatives from the parishes meet together to discuss matters of common interest and, where appropriate, to make joint plans. Recent project have included a series of events for 2011 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. This project has been shared with the two Methodist churches. Once a month, throughout this year, members foregather at one of the seven church venues for a morning's reading from the KJB, and to share coffee, on a 'come-and-go' basis. Other recent joint projects have included a benefice-wide Christian Stewardship programme in 2009 and several joint PCC meetings when Diocesan officers have attended to address specific subjects.



Willersey Parish Council
Working with Children Policy
Monday October 3rd 2011


for working with children and young people

1. The PCC accepts in principle the Diocesan Model Policy on working with children and young people and will ensure that anyone authorised by the P.C.C. to supervise any children's or young people's activities will receive a copy of it.

2. The PCC seeks to provide a caring, warm and consistent atmosphere and environment in which children and young people can develop and grow and in which they can learn in safety. Children and young people will be treated as individuals and with equal concern.

3. The PCC will ensure that all children attending services at St. Peter's Church Willersey are either accompanied by a responsible adult or are overseen by a member of the P.C.C.

4. If any children's activities are organised by the P.C.C. , there will always be at least two adults in attendance, one of whom will have supervisory responsibility, appropriate CRB clearance, and be personally known to the Priest-in-Charge or one of the officers of the P.C.C.

5. The person authorised to supervise any such activities will ensure that everyone involved in the activity is clear about the nature of the work they have agreed to do and the name of the person to whom they are responsible.

6. The Priest-in-Charge will be the Nominated Person to whom all cases of suspected or alleged abuse must be reported immediately.

7. The Priest-in-Charge or a person specifically authorised by him or her, with the agreement of the P.C.C. , will be responsible for ensuring that this policy is adhered to and that training opportunities relating to children and young people are encouraged whenever appropriate.

8. The PCC will make adequate provision for insurance cover.

9. A copy of this policy will be made available to members of the church and to parents/guardians on request.

10. This policy will be reviewed annually and a report, a copy of which will be forwarded to the Bishop's Officer for Child Protection, regarding the implementation and monitoring of the policy will be on the agenda at the AGM.

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