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The Aston and Weston-sub-Edge Messenger is a monthly magazine for residents of the two parishes. It reports the social and official activities of the churches, clubs and organisations. It is also a source of local information for the many tourists that visit the area. It is delivered free of charge to every home in the village. Selections from our magazines are reproduced for this website.


Wednesday 9th January

We often speak of one another as having "hidden depths"ÂÀ and "inner strength"ÂÀ. I think such expressions reveal our awareness of having an inner life; a place in ourselves where we seek meaning, purpose, goodness, truth, courage and the strength to carry on when life is hard and relationships falter.

What nourishes your inner self? What inspires you? What reaches your inner depths with beauty, meaning, challenge... even mystery. What makes the hairs stand on the back of your neck or moves you to tears. What stops you in your tracks and makes you think or wonder?

Some people turn to religious sources, like the Bible, for their inspiration, but religious people and non-religious people alike are also moved, spoken to, inspired - even changed - by songs, symphonies, poems, stories, paintings, photographs, films, wild life, gardens, a view from the hills or the shore, humour, kindness, unexpected generosity, friendship, love... The list is endless and infinitely rich and exciting.

If you would like to meet with others to share experiences and sources of inspiration, please come to the Quaker Meeting House (28 Cowl Street, Evesham) on Wednesday 9th January. There will be two sessions - 3.00-4.30 pm and 7.30-9.00 pm - at which we'll find out when and how often people would like to meet and what form the meetings will take. There will be light refreshments and only one expectation: mutual respect - though a sense of humour is also a great help. Instead of a charge, there will be the opportunity to make a small donation towards costs.

Although the venue is the Quaker Meeting House and I am a retired Vicar, this is not an attempt to get you to join the Quakers or any sort of church or religious organisation. It is simply an independent opportunity to share our deepest experiences; to find food for our inner selves and companions for the journey.

I hope you will come along. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Peter Knight


07787 513594


Wednesday June 28th 2017
A message from your churchwardens
We are delighted to welcome the Reverend Scott Watts, Ros his wife (and Marigold the Bassett hound) to our villages. At the end of June we celebrated their arrival at a wonderful installation service at St Peter's, Willersey followed by a party to welcome Scott and Ros. We are looking forward t More...
Saturday September 26th 2015
Book Launch: "From Country Boys to Soldier Boys"
On Friday, 13th November Paul Hughes will be talking about his new book, "From Country Boys to Soldier Boys", written in memory of the 108 men and women from Weston-sub-Edge and Aston-sub-Edge who served in the Great War, 1914-18. The launch will take place in Weston sub-Edge Village Hall at More...
Saturday September 19th 2015
Thank you for another successful fete
CHURCH OF ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST AND ST. LAWRENCE. After another successful Flower Show and Fete, the P.C.C. would like to thank everyone who helped. A big thank you to Rob and Frankie who worked so hard over many days and to all their helpers. It is not easy and they do it year after year. Th More...
Thursday August 14th 2014
Fred conducted his last service on 20th July in Willersey Church. This was a very happy service with over 160 people in the congregation and members of all the parishes in the benefice took part in the service. Afterwards about 90 people enjoyed a finger buffet luncheon in the Village Hall. Thi More...
Monday June 30th 2014
Barrie Knight receives Honour from Bishop Michael of Gloucester
At the annual meeting of the P.C.C on 31st March 2014, Mr. Barrie Knight announced his retirement as Churchwarden. Barrie had served in this post for 51 years and the Rector, the Revd Fred Dawson, said this was a most extraordinary service. He had no knowledge of anyone else serving for this le More...
Monday April 7th 2014
RIP Major Patrick Webb (aged 99)
An era in Weston-sub-Edge came to an end late in March, when Patrick Webb died after a long period of failing health. One of Westons most senior citizens, Patrick had lived in the village, except for when he was on active service in the Army, since 1926. I have never come across anyone who ha More...
Sunday October 14th 2012
Every morning, Millie, my Norfolk terrier takes me for a walk through the churchyard into Church Meadows. For some considerable time now, I have noticed two tags on two separate yew trees, and I always assumed that the tags bore the botanical names of the trees. The first tag, a red one is just abov More...
Monday November 12th 2012
Many of you didn't I know.... but I have found another, not in a yew-tree but in the massive horse chestnut tree at the tower end of the church! If you stand with your back to the vestry window in the church tower the tree is straight in front of you. Just beneath the massive lower limb on the r More...
Monday July 2nd 2012
A Very Special Day
On June 24th, the Bishop of Gloucester visited the benefice to re-dedicate Weston-sub-Edge parish church. Readers of The Messenger will be familiar with the back-story to this event: how it gradually became clear that St John the Baptist had been lost from the dedication, in spite of being so prom More...
Monday February 20th 2012
Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th June SERVICE OF DEDICATION OF THE CHURCH NAME at 11am on Sunday 24th June Originally the name of the parish church in Weston-sub-Edge was St. John the Baptist and the four windows in the sanctuary are a reminder of this. In future the name will be St. John the Ba More...
Sunday February 19th 2012
The Work of Frederick Preedy
Several months ago the Rector received a letter from a Mr. John Grove who was hoping to produce a leaflet on the Preedy Trail in Worcestershire. Frederick Preedy was born at Offenham in l820. He trained as an architect and was much in demand, not only as a Church architect, but also for making More...
Thursday December 1st 2011
St Lawrence and St John the Baptist
If you read The Messenger, youll be aware of the debate about the dedication of the parish church at Weston-sub-Edge. Till a hundred years ago, it was St John the Baptist. Then, for no reason apparent to anyone now living, it was changed to St Lawrence. The church is full of John the More...
Tuesday May 31st 2011
Change of Name?
About 100 years ago, something very weird happened in Weston-sub-Edge. For reasons best known to the Rector of the day (and now long-forgotten), the dedication of the parish church was changed. Previously, it had been dedicated in the name of St John the Baptist. The Revd W.F. Adams, Rector fro More...
Friday September 23rd 2011
              The first show was held in l964 and has continued to this day. There was a good crowd of people enjoying the side shows and admiring the winning exhibits. You could enter next year if you prepared now! The main prize wi More...
Friday September 23rd 2011
Broken Society, Broken Christ
              In October we have the party conferences and then the return of parliament. No doubt in both there will be analysis of the August riots on our city streets. Reflecting on what happened and on things that were said in t More...
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